Thoughts on market events

Modern asset management involves a whole host of measures with the goal of real preservation of capital over the investment horizon. The framework conditions established with the asset owner - such as liquidity requirements, tolerance of fluctuations, the quality of individual components and diversification over different investment classes - are a significant influence in this regard.

A clear analysis and evaluation of the framework conditions is essential to both the fundamental strategic orientation and tactical investment decisions. BPM's flexible "buy and hold" strategy is based on ongoing analysis of the international capital markets and the most likely activity of the key actors in the economic system: private households, companies, banks and national governments as well as their debt levels.

We make our view of the current situation, our prognosis of probable developments and their impact on different investment classes available to our investors through regular publications.


Review of the 4th quarter 2022 and outlook 2023

A clear review and exciting outlook! You will find a deeper analysis of what has happened as well as exciting thoughts on the possible developments and opportunities in the coming quarters.

As you read, you will learn what signs we see that the new year will be much friendlier for investors and financial markets …

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Review of the 1st quarter 2022 and outlook

Change of times: „The Russian invasion of Ukraine marks a change of times.It threatens our entire post-war order.”

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