Thoughts on market events

Modern asset management involves a whole host of measures with the goal of real preservation of capital over the investment horizon. The framework conditions established with the asset owner - such as liquidity requirements, tolerance of fluctuations, the quality of individual components and diversification over different investment classes - are a significant influence in this regard.

A clear analysis and evaluation of the framework conditions is essential to both the fundamental strategic orientation and tactical investment decisions. BPM's flexible "buy and hold" strategy is based on ongoing analysis of the international capital markets and the most likely activity of the key actors in the economic system: private households, companies, banks and national governments as well as their debt levels.

We make our view of the current situation, our prognosis of probable developments and their impact on different investment classes available to our investors through regular publications.


2021 - Here you can find out where we are going to focus our investments this year and where we expect significant performance potential ...

As in previous years, we are happy to comply with the request of numerous clients and friends of BPM - Berlin Portfolio Management and provide a compact presentation of results in 2020 and the perspectives of successful core strategies of BPM for 2021.

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Finale Furioso! Review of the 4th quarter 2020 and outlook for 2021

After a number of setbacks in October, the last few weeks of the year did bring some clarity, at least on two issues weighing on the financial markets. The results of the US election with their outcome that cannot be seriously contested and the release for general use of the first vaccines against COVID-19 triggered a true buying frenzy.

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Bargain-hunter time - so far without bargain-hunter’s atmosphere?

The world is going through a period of serious technological, political, social, and cultural upheaval. For Uwe Günther and his team from BPM - Berlin Portfolio Management, this opens astonishing investment opportunities for those who can think laterally and look beyond the short term.

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Sober analysis - how to react to the flood of money from central banks

Whenever there is a crisis, they always tell you: "This time it's different." The current coronavirus crisis is no exception. The asset manager, Uwe Günther, draws a sobering conclusion and uses it to reason what one should buy now.

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Stock markets are decoupling from the real economy

Share prices and basic economic figures have moved far away from each other. In the mature phase of an economic cycle this creates a particularly explosive situation for asset investments …

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