Thoughts on market events

Modern asset management involves a whole host of measures with the goal of real preservation of capital over the investment horizon. The framework conditions established with the asset owner - such as liquidity requirements, tolerance of fluctuations, the quality of individual components and diversification over different investment classes - are a significant influence in this regard.

A clear analysis and evaluation of the framework conditions is essential to both the fundamental strategic orientation and tactical investment decisions. BPM's flexible "buy and hold" strategy is based on ongoing analysis of the international capital markets and the most likely activity of the key actors in the economic system: private households, companies, banks and national governments as well as their debt levels.

We make our view of the current situation, our prognosis of probable developments and their impact on different investment classes available to our investors through regular publications.


Is gold about to have a comeback?

The printing presses are running at full speed. The result: more and more paper money. By contrast, the global gold supply is hardly increasing at all. Opportunities for prices to come back up again? Three expert opinions...

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Is the rally about to come to an end?

Prices on the stock markets have been going up since 2009. Such a long boom is rare. Will prices see an adjustment in 2016? Three experts tell us what they think...

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The stock markets are about to undergo shock treatment

All stock market crashes in history have been based on excessive and unproductive borrowing and lending. The writing on the wall still points towards turbulence. Stock market crashes are debt crashes!

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The impending boom

Inflation rates are worryingly low globally. Which is why the international federal banks will print even more money. This could create a "crack up boom" in two to five years' time.

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Investors in Kurrekurredutt Isle

Stock markets are clearly overvalued. In the past, this has frequently led to crashes. But investors simply cannot prevent themselves from making the four big mistakes.

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