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Experienced specialists

Experience, professional expertise and personal trust can't be bought. They are developed over years of hard work and responsibility. The staff working for you at BPM have been putting the implementation of their customers' interests at the heart of their work for many years. Their expertise, acquired over years in specialist or management roles at major and private banks, is now a personal guarantee of success for you as our client. Our team is supported in their day-to-day work by experienced professionals in the fields of law, tax, real estate and audit.

Challenge us - we look forward to working with you!


Uwe Günther

Founder and Managing Director

Focus areas

  • Company operational management
  • Investment strategy development
  • Creating the BPM Philosophy
Curriculum vitae

All his life, Uwe Günther has been fascinated by people, by different cultures, and by anything new. After his apprenticeship in hydraulic engineering and completing his university studies, he served as an armed forces officer. With qualifications in politics, business administration and banking, his professional interests include macroeconomics and history of financial markets. In his free time he enjoys music, painting, wine and the art of film. Uwe worked in asset management at two major banks from 1990 until 2010. In 2010 he founded BPM – Berlin Portfolio Management GmbH. A proud native of Berlin-Brandenburg, he lives with his wife and three daughters in a leafy suburb of Berlin.

Sven Marzahn

Head of Portfolio Management

Focus areas

  • Portfolio conception
  • Structuring individual solutions
  • Investment fund advisory
Curriculum vitae

Sven has been connected to the financial sector since the start of his career in 2000. He quickly gained responsibility for advising international private banking clients at BHF-BANK AG. At the same time, Sven completed his studies in business administration with a focus on banking and finance. He joined BPM as the head of portfolio management shortly after the company was founded. Professionally, he is particularly interested in developing yield-oriented portfolio structures and designing individual solutions for institutional investors. Sven maintains the discipline, stamina and dynamism required for his professional duties through his passion for martial arts. He also enjoys playing the piano from time to time to provide a creative balance.

Frank Heilmann

Executive Head of BPM Branch Netherlands

Focus areas

  • Private and institutional clients in the Netherlands
  • Coordination of the Netherlands office
Curriculum vitae

After completing his studies in business administration at the University of Miami, Frank Heilmann spent 17 years working in a number of different management positions in large companies. In 2005, he became European cooperation partner for BHF-BANK AG. Frank has coordinated the BPM's Dutch office since the company was founded, where he advises private and institutional clients and consistently practises his choice of an independent method of asset management. Alongside his professional activities, he is interested in football, travel and classic cars. His personal motto is: "You can only gain by sharing".

Thomas Pass


Focus areas

  • Foundations and institutional clients
  • Private clients
  • Investment fund advisory
Curriculum vitae

Thomas’ interest in financial markets - and above all in the human aspects of this highly complex system - has been a unifying factor in his career since his first entry into the world of banking in 1986. This led to him being given early responsibility for advising wealthy private clients. Later came a professional engagement with non-profit foundations and companies. In this way, Thomas implements his personal understanding that success on the financial markets need not just benefit individual investors, but can also make a contribution to the greater good. Before joining BPM-Berlin Portfolio Management in 2013, he worked for many years at Commerzbank, at a large cooperative bank in Berlin, and for UBS Deutschland AG. To balance his often highly analytical and intellectual professional activities, his private interests include outdoor activities (especially involving water), an arsenal of string instruments, and a lively interest in books - particularly German and European history, or biographies of historical figures.

Paul Skiba

Chief Risk Officer

Focus areas

    • Developing risk-management systems
    • Evaluating quantitative investment approaches
    • Portfolio risk monitoring
Curriculum vitae

Paul’s desire for a challenge led him to take the plunge into the international financial markets. The demanding combination of economics, mathematics and psychology motivates the passionate statistician to constantly question established dogma and come up with new ways of thinking. When not getting stuck into spreadsheets, he enjoys relaxing with his bass guitar or getting away from it all through travelling. He also enjoys reading classical epics as well as works of philosophy and cultural science. After graduating in economics in Mannheim and Dublin, Paul studied financial mathematics in London.

Linda Ballschmidt

Office Management and Accounting

Focus areas

    • Bookkeeping and management accounting
    • Marketing
    • Submitting reports to BaFin / the German Federal Bank
Curriculum vitae

After completing her training as a banker, Linda won her first spurs in the private client business of Berliner Bank in 1996. Customers and colleagues particularly valued her reliability, her attention to detail, and above all her friendliness and warmth. For personal reasons, she ended her employment with Deutsche Bank group in 2012 in order to devote herself more closely to the further growth of BPM, her three school-age children and a host of cultural activities. She also finds time to bake prize-winning (organic) cakes for family, friends and colleagues. Linda is married and lives close to Berlin.

Peggy Hanfland


Focus areas

  • Client services
  • Corresponding with custodian banks
  • Account opening processes
Curriculum vitae

Peggy draws upon many years of experience in credit risk management and private client services at BHF-BANK AG and Berliner Effektenbank AG in her work. More recently, she worked with wealthy private clients at UBS Deutschland AG. At BPM, Peggy advises clients in the context of asset management and corresponds with custodian banks on behalf of clients. In her private life, she enjoys going on holiday with her family and keeps herself in shape through sport and gardening.

Her motto is: "Live every day as if it were your last!"

Jessica Grühn


Focus areas

  • Administrative assistance with internal operations
  • Management accounting and reporting
Curriculum vitae

Jessica has been working for BPM for 4 years in the areas of reporting and management accounting.

After completing a commercial traineeship and studying business administration, she worked in the energy, real estate and media sectors. In her private life she runs a "small family business" (homework support, chauffeuring services and visiting playgrounds), and this year she will be running the Berlin marathon for the 10th time.