BPM's business areas

BPM - Berlin Portfolio Management GmbH is a service and management partner for income-oriented investors.

If we look at the "typical" BPM client, it would be someone who expects an active strategy that puts the conservation of real purchasing power in the foreground, despite spiralling national debt and the existing risk of inflation. The motto is: losses avoided today are the profits of tomorrow! We achieve this through a triple approach based on yield optimisation, focus on capital preservation, and strict risk management.

Asset Management

Developing revenue-oriented and properly diversified investment strategies and implementing them within management mandates is a key business area of BPM. This requires a customised solution for every situation.

Development of Custom Solutions

In an ever-more complex world, really "good advice" is increasingly hard to come by. We understand "good advice" to mean giving you exactly the kind of information that will bring you sustained success in your investment decisions. You also define success as avoiding mistakes - your own mistakes and those of other people. Understandable.

Foundation Consulting

The team of BPM has been advising foundations and nonprofit organizations in their investment decisions for many years. Furthermore we support private clients when it comes to establishing an own foundation.
Existing foundations can not only benefit from a permanent management mandate, but are also offered consultancy services.