Uniquely reliable

As well as traditional asset management, BPM also offers their demanding private and institutional clients a comprehensive package of services for their portfolio of securities. Our team examines existing relationships to ensure contract compliance; analyses portfolios with respect to their real loss potential; and helps to implement individual solutions in the area of securities.

Contract monitoring and compliance check

Non-transparent and unauthorised costs can have a serious impact on portfolio performance. In order to be able to react as quickly as possible to developments of this kind, we offer a thorough and independent review of your business dealings with third party banks. Compensation provisions and transparent transaction conditions must be clearly established in professional business relations. This avoids any possible future financial consequences for you as a client.
We check payment flows, order executions and the prices of securities confidentially and down to the last detail. You then receive a detailed report listing anomalies and opportunities for optimisation.

Risk Analysis

Increasingly complex financial products, distorted international capital markets, and the growing conformity of investment advice all make it more and more difficult for wealthy investors to assess the overall risk of their investments. A systematic diversification approach reduces this risk to a minimum.
We help you to spot and avoid concentration risks and hidden pitfalls.

Individually structured solutions

Lots of people advertise this, but we actually do it. For example: Are you a wealth manager, fund manager, family office or insurer looking in vain for an individual bond structure with a payment profile meeting your investment requirements? We will be happy to support you in successfully developing a suitable product. Our staff members have been working successfully in bond structuring since 2001. An arranged volume of over 1 billion euros is a sign of their level of performance. Enlist our services!