Foundations and Nonprofit Organizations

… are BPM’s “natural” clients thanks our longtime specialization on income-oriented strategies.

The team of BPM has been advising foundations and nonprofit organizations in their investment decisions for many years. Furthermore they support private clients when it comes to establishing an own foundation.

Existing foundations can benefit not only from a permanent management mandate, but are also offered consultancy services.

Here are some examples from our service buffet:

  • Check for alternative investment possibilities
  • Development of a strategy to meet internal investment guidelines more efficiently
  • Examination of internal investment guidelines for reasonable improvements
  • Portfolio Analysis:
    • Risk-Analysis on security and portfolio level including scenario simulations
    • Suitability of investments according to the purpose of the foundation and internal guidelines concerning ethical, religious or ecological regulations.
    • Consolidated review of all securities to identify “bulk-risks”
    • Appropriateness of cost deductions for security purchases and internal security fees

As a client you will benefit from our independence of banks and financial institutions and our knowledge of the industry we acquired over many years. These services will be invoiced at costs and expenditures.

Good to know:
We emphasize our dedication for foundations and nonprofit organizations is by reducing our management and service fees exclusively for these clients. This way we want to actively support the charitable ideas of our clients.

As part of our commitment to the foundation sector, we have supported the ESV Academy since its inception as a sponsor of events and seminars dedicated to foundations.