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Our fund mandates


The value preserving bond fund. Recommended investment horizon: min. 1 year.


The distribution oriented bond fund with fixed duration. Recommended investment horizon: November 2019

BPM news

Psycho-party at the stock markets Many


A guest article by Uwe Günther: Many investors seem not to have...

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Investors dismiss extreme risks


A guest article by Paul Skiba: European stocks are currently hip,...

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Euphoria on Wall Street


A guest article by Uwe Günther: Warren Buffet is often regarded...

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'Established truths' are bad for performance


A guest article by Uwe Günther The financial markets repeatedly...

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Trump could prove to be really costly


A guest article by Uwe Günther After the initial shock following...

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The dawn of traditional fund strategies?


A guest article by Uwe Günther Investment strategies that were...

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Financial markets could suffer 'sudden death'


Football matches and stock markets have a lot in common: 'sudden death', for example....

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A much bigger problem is the extremely high level of global indebtedness


The foreseeable end of the debt-cycle that has been going on for some fifteen...

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Markets in the wake of debt policy


Austria swinging right, Spain and Portugal swinging left and a possible EU withdrawal...

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Facts are what matters - not words


Refugee crisis, China crash and negative interest rates - nothing to worry about...

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There are alternatives to shares


The German DAX and many other leading indices have fallen by 25% percent and more...

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Is gold about to have a comeback?


The printing presses are running at full speed. The result: more and more paper...

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Is the rally about to come to an end?


Prices on the stock markets have been going up since 2009. Such a long boom is...

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The stock markets are about to undergo shock treatment


All stock market crashes in history have been based on excessive and unproductive...

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The impending boom


Inflation rates are worryingly low globally. Which is why the international federal...

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Investors in Kurrekurredutt Isle


Stock markets are clearly overvalued. In the past, this has frequently led to...

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Shares and bonds generally too expensive – gold and cash are king


If the financial markets are going crazy, they usually say: „Everything is different...

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Market Comment July 2014


People who invest in traditional time deposits or money market funds are punished...

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BPM awarded at the “Golden Bulls Night” in Munich


BPM - Global Income Fund – receives the “Innovation Fund of the Year Award...

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Guest post for DC Finance’s “Family Wealth” Magazine


Emotions are the essence of human nature. People, including investors, rarely...

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Market Commentary December 2012


We would ideally end 2012 the way every year should be ended, with all tasks,...

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Market Comment September 2012


"Hope dies last" – numerous economics, fund managers and investors certainly...

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Market Comment June 2012


There’s much agitation in national parliaments, in bank trading rooms and amongst...

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Professional Article of the Management April 2012


Guest editorial for DC Finance's "Family Wealth" Magazine “International allocation...

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Market Comment March 2012


Is it possible to make a boiled egg runny again? After the continuing flooding...

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Market Comment December 2011


Whatever you may think of the Germans, the Dutch and the Finns, there’s no denying...

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Press Release of BPM, October 2011


The Berlin-based financial services company BPM has placed an institutional product...

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Market Comment October 2011


It is not only private capital investors who are overtaxed by the complexity of...

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Market Comment September 2011


Today, there are many examples of a well-known pattern repeating itself - after...

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Market Comment June 2011


On May 31, 1911, exactly one hundred years ago to the day, a memorable event took...

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Market Comment March 2011


In recent weeks, the world community has witnessed events that will shape our...

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Review of 2010


The preeminent topic of 2010 was the unprecedented rescue effort by many governments...

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BPM - Berlin Portfolio Management

BPM - Berlin Portfolio Management GmbH is a licensed financial asset manager providing services to German and international clients, institutional investors, foundations and non-profit organisations from its headquarters in Berlin. BPM is, independent from banks, managed by its owners and is one of the largest medium-sized asset management firms in Berlin.

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Uwe Günther

Founder and Managing Director

Focus areas

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  • Investment strategy development
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Sven Marzahn

Head of Portfolio Management

Focus areas

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  • Structuring individual solutions
  • Investment fund advisory
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Frank Heilmann

Executive Head of BPM Branch Netherlands

Focus areas

  • Private and institutional clients in the Netherlands
  • Coordination of the Netherlands office
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Thomas Pass


Focus areas

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  • Private clients
  • Investment fund advisory
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